Macro Magni-Gage Charts are furnished on either glass or a dimensionally stable plastic or mylar. While glass has the lowest coefficient of expansion, Macro plastic materials provide a durable, stable chart and will take rough handling and everyday service. The highest degree of accuracy is maintained and assured on all 3 materials.

GLASS MAGNI-GAGES (distortion free)

Only the finest plate glass is used for Magni-Gages. The Macro special process with sealed image assures uniform line density, maximum durability, and a chart unaffected by ordinary cleansers such as soap, water, alcohol. Edges are carefully ground assuring proper fit to the specified comparator.


Available thicknesses of .030, .060

A proven dimensionally stable vinyl plastic has been developed especially for optical comparator use. The advantages of plastic are no breakage and retention of maximum obtainable accuracy and durability under constant use. All lines are uniform and etched with sealed image. Surfaces cleanable with soap, water, or common cleaners and are impervious to oils and greases.


Available on clear or matte surface

Macro Magni-Gages on Mylar have the same characteristics as plastic.


Certification can be provided for all of Macro products upon request.

We are traceable to N. I. S. T.


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