About Us:

Macro Systems, Inc. has been operating since 1951. Through the years Macro has gained the confidence of many manufacturers as their optical gaging partner.

Macro designs and builds custom inspection and gaging tools to meet practically every quality control operation. Furthermore, in the interest of your economy, Macro custom inspection tools permit precision gaging to extremely close tolerances simply and quickly by semi-skilled personnel on a routine basis.

Macro Systems staff of top design engineers have specialized training and experience in the field.

Macro's production equipment is the finest available and has been designed and built to meet the ultra high precision standards required by the industry.

Since 1951 when the Company was founded. Macro products, manufactured under rigid control and supervision, have never failed to measure up to the highest standards of accuracy, quality, dependability, for any industry.

The Macro Systems' engineering staff is at your disposal. When requesting a quotation, providing complete details will enable us to reply promptly.

Macro Systems, Inc.   20 Hubbell Lane   Shelton, CT 06484       

phone 203-225-6266  fax 203-225-6260 sales@macrosystemsinc.com                                                                        

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